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The Life of Pi

It’s the title of a book authored by Yann Martell. I read it when I was at the U. It was about a 16-year-old Indian boy named Piscine who lost his family (father, mother and brother) in a shipwrecked in the journey from Pondicherry to Canada. He was the only one survivor and along with him on the lifeboat were a hyena, a broken-leg zebra, Orange Juice (an orang utan) and Richard Parker (a 450 pound Bengal tiger)… How he survived the days and nights are yet to be discovered. But now the zebra was dead, eaten by the hyena. Orange Juice too.. the only ones left were Pi, the hyena and the tiger. What a surprise is he was born a Hindu, embraced Christianity and then Islam and he was a believer of those three religions…


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Sebuah buku karangan Ustaz Zahazan Mohamad, seorang pensyarah UIA. Bukunya penuh dgn ilustrasi dan grafiknya menarik. Berwarna-warni dan ceria. Mudah dibaca dan dipraktikkan. Bukan seperti karangan yg menidurkan. Bagus sebagai pedoman untuk mendidik anak2 menjadi hebat dan soleh… Ameen… Kepada sesiapa yg ada anak n bakal ada anak n bercita2 nak ada anak atau aper2 lah, buku ni memang elok dan sesuai kerana sebagai ibu bapa yg baru, banyak benda yg kita x tahu. Buku ni memberi nasihat dan saranan dalam mendidik anak2 dengan didikan Islam. Semoga anak2 kita menjadi HEBAT dan SOLEH.

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It’s about a young shepherd boy whose dream was to be an explorer. He shepherded his flock of sheep and at times he sold his herd to the rich man in town whose daughter liked to hear stories from the boy. The boy somehow felt incline to the beautiful girl and hope that someday she’d be his.

One day he dreamt that there was treasures at the Pyramid and he had to go there to uncovered it. He always wanted to be an explorer yet he couldn’t be sure of his destiny when he became one. He was fascinated by the world and only by being an explorer would he fulfilled his hunger for the world’s offerings. His conflict of staying close to home or journey away from it perplexed him. However, the treasures seemed a lot more excitement and the journey brought him to face experiences he would never get if he was a shepherd. He met with a clairvoyant, his money was stolen before he could get to cross the sea, met with a king, be a worker at a shop, follow a bedwi’s troop, fell in love and had to leave the love in pursuit of the treasures which he long forgotten and given up. 

Such a nice story with simple words yet very strong in values. Love it. A worth reading.

“The wise men understood that this natural world is only an image and a copy of paradise. The existence of this world is simply a guarantee that there exists a world that is perfect. God created the world so that, through its visible objects, men could understand his spiritual teachings and the marvels of his wisdom.”
 ”One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.”
 ”I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”
 ”Listen to your heart because, wherever your heart is, that is where you’ll find your treasure.”

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Actually I forget the name of the author… The story is about a doctor who midwifing her wife labor during a stormy night. He thought he’d just had a son instead he also got a daughter at the same time. However, he quickly realized that the daughter had a health problem when she didn’t cry and the eyes told more than everything. He told the nurse to send his daughter to a shelter home where he had given the address. However, the nurse could not let herself do it. Her heart fell for the poor child and she quitted her job, moved out of town and took the baby with her as her own. Meanwhile, the doctor told the wife that their other baby girl was dead. The wife could never forget the daughter they’re supposed to had the whole life and neither was he. In guilty and troubled marriage life, he surpassed the life condition in taking photos – his new hobby – Very interesting to read how the conflicts with his wife, son, the once upon a time nurse and his daughter surfaced one by one. One value that I learn, no matter what it is, if it is about your child, don’t give up. Keep them with you. Even they are less fortunate, they have more surprises than you can think of. Even if she suffered from Down Syndrome…

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Made of plain wood and dry roof

In the middle of vast green field

With a small garden of love

Yet with a big heart of caring

– stood proudly a little humble hut

Where the stories of childhood

Was spun around

When sometimes a witness of oath

Of fool children

Can I come back

To the holder of our unveiled secrets

Who knew no threats nor spoke any lies

To the bearer of our untold mischief

Whose faith surpassed the blue blue skies

Touched by the naïve hands

A collector of the unforgotten memories

Kissed by the soft trembling lips

A mother of simple vision and aims

Where the world looked bigger

And the ground seemed smaller

Where naughty minds played and did rest

When it was time to go and alas!

Can I come back

To this little hut…

December 10, 2001

~this poem was dedicated to my childhood when i had the most joyful days with my sisters. playing in the field, running in the rain, throwing balls and slippers playing the most famous games at that time, finding worms for bait to catch fish behind our house and at our village, taking care of our father’s animals (these include goats, hens, rooster, birds, geese, quaills, rabbits), being chased by these angry animals, playing the water of the flood when it was raining season, building house in the tree, eating ‘colek’ at the field, making a playground secretly under our house(because there’s secret door in our room leading to it), taking care of newly-hatched baby bird which was then died out of overeating because we kept feeding it, bathing not only in the sea but also in the shallow swamp in the field which was dry unless there was rain, riding bicycles, rowing boat at my late grandpa’s paddy field which was covered by water, chasing frogs and tadpoles, and everything that we could think of we’d do. but most of all, we like to catch fish even up till today…. when we get home to our village, beware fish…. we’re gonna get you…..!

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A new blog?

Feeling like a starter…. to a new blog… basically I’ve been an on-and-off blogger before. My first blog is friendster blog. Hum…. ages ago…. I want to start anew. I want to express my thoughts and feelings in the only way I’m best at. Writing… I like to write. Even during my schooltime, I loved writing. My friends, We & Farah would always read what I wrote. From poems, articles, bria-a-brac or just some boring stuff.

Poems will always be my favourite. But now I can’t even find time to write one. Yet I’d surely like reading them anywhere anytime.

I hope I will be a constant blogger. Writing can be predictless. Once you have ideas but not time and once you have time but not ideas. That’s life!

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