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Silent Killer

Imagine a scene… in a restaurant at night. There are many people. The tables are full, no more free space. All customers either are having their food, or are waiting for food or are ordering their food. There are also families with kids and babies. Let’s concentrate on one family of a father, mother, a son of 2 years old and a baby girl of 3 months old. They seem to look as a happy and devoted family. The boy is sitting enjoying his meal with his father while the mother is holding the baby waiting for father to finish the meal and take turn holding the baby. The mother is playing peek-a-boo with her baby. The son sometimes asks questions to his parents which are answered patiently and clearly by them. What a perfect family. I think everybody can imagine this… It’s a typical Malaysian family.

Now it’s mother’s turn to enjoy her meal. So the father takes the baby girl in his hand and tells the son to finish his dinner. Holding his daughter in one hand while the other in his trousers pocket taking out a small box and a lighter, he insignificantly jokes with his son. Lighting up the cigarette, inhaling the smoke, as he always do after every meal, he carelessly blows the smoke in front of him inconsiderate of his daughter in his lap, his wife sitting on the chair opposite to him and her son beside him. It’s a repetitive action until he finishes the cigarette. Unknowingly to him, the smoke will be the killer of his family in the future…

I despised this type of person. How can such a loving father smokes his cigarette and blows the smoke directly to his family’s face? If you want to die early, do so without dragging your family with you. Your smoke will be the silent killer of your family. This act is heartless! And you worry that your child is sick with fever, measles etc and yet silently you’re killing them slowly by your thoughtless habit. What if the wife is pregnant? Does he know that cigarette smoke will affect the feotus? It will cause premature baby and many types of unfortunate cases for the baby. Do the baby, the son, the daughter or the wife deserve this. It will affect the brain of the baby. It will also cause cancer and many more types of diseases. And you’re talking about Israelis are killing the Muslims and yet you yourself are killing your own family. Are you thoughtless enough that you don’t mind losing your family?  

In fact, it’s a public place. What if there is another happy family with non smoker daddy beside your table. Your cigarette smoke travels a long way if you are aware of that. Not only you silently feed your family a poisonous smoke but you also force it to people around you. You are a MURDERER! If I am cruel for saying this, then this people are more cruel than I am.

I cannot force you to stop smoking. In fact, it depends on you. But all I asks is please don’t be a selfish P.I.G (sorry for using this word but I really 100x hate smokers who blows smoke at the face of his wife and children). Please be considerate of others. If you have to smoke please do so in absence of other people. If you realize 10, 20, 30 years later you are the one who kill your wife, children and family what will you feel? Will you regret it? Please think of other people. The world has so many selfish people that you don’t need to add to the list. If we are considerate of others, then I think we will bring some peace to the world.

~just my 2 cents

Do you know what's in a cigarette???

Do you know what's in a cigarette???


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Hum… It makes me really really mad when I encounter this type of person. They drive big cars (BMW, Mercedes, Toyota etc) but unfortunately with very low civic awareness. You think when you drive big cars you can throw away rubbish be it plastic bags, wrappers, cigarettes or even drinking bottle out of your car just like that? Hello! There’s somebodyelse’s car at the back! Even if there is no car at the back, they shouldn’t throw things out of the car’s window when the car is traveling on the road. It will just show your bad attitude. Care for your environment. It’s not that you want to live in it for today only! You think that low class somebody will collect your trash? Just hold your trash awhile in your car and when you find a rubbish bin then you can throw it in there. Or are you too lazy to do that you find it easier to throw it outside your BIG car’s window? What if somebody in front of you do exactly the same thing to you? Then your sooo big damn nice car won’t be sooo nice again?

Why is it so hard not to be selfish?

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