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Made of plain wood and dry roof

In the middle of vast green field

With a small garden of love

Yet with a big heart of caring

– stood proudly a little humble hut

Where the stories of childhood

Was spun around

When sometimes a witness of oath

Of fool children

Can I come back

To the holder of our unveiled secrets

Who knew no threats nor spoke any lies

To the bearer of our untold mischief

Whose faith surpassed the blue blue skies

Touched by the naïve hands

A collector of the unforgotten memories

Kissed by the soft trembling lips

A mother of simple vision and aims

Where the world looked bigger

And the ground seemed smaller

Where naughty minds played and did rest

When it was time to go and alas!

Can I come back

To this little hut…

December 10, 2001

~this poem was dedicated to my childhood when i had the most joyful days with my sisters. playing in the field, running in the rain, throwing balls and slippers playing the most famous games at that time, finding worms for bait to catch fish behind our house and at our village, taking care of our father’s animals (these include goats, hens, rooster, birds, geese, quaills, rabbits), being chased by these angry animals, playing the water of the flood when it was raining season, building house in the tree, eating ‘colek’ at the field, making a playground secretly under our house(because there’s secret door in our room leading to it), taking care of newly-hatched baby bird which was then died out of overeating because we kept feeding it, bathing not only in the sea but also in the shallow swamp in the field which was dry unless there was rain, riding bicycles, rowing boat at my late grandpa’s paddy field which was covered by water, chasing frogs and tadpoles, and everything that we could think of we’d do. but most of all, we like to catch fish even up till today…. when we get home to our village, beware fish…. we’re gonna get you…..!


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