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I want to believe

I want to believe

I want to realize

That reality is more interesting than fantasy

I have to believe

I now to realize

That reality is more interesting than fantasy…


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Boring… is what I feel

Right now… feel so bored

And I wanna scream…


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In Between

Have you ever been there
there where there’s always
a divider

Why is it always
has to be
either this or that?
either right or wrong?
either left or right?

In between…
is where I am
whether I like it or not
In between…
is where I found myself
inadequate and self-ponder

and Where?

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Nephews and Niece

Hum… thn ni ramai la nephews and niece baru…. 5 nephews and 1 niece. Rasanya thn ni is for boys… yeay!!! Thn ni sajer dah 6 anak buah bertambah. Of course belah hubby la yg ramai. Ader la 20-30 org dah anak buah. Kalo belah I, tolak 2 org anak sendiri baru 9 org…hihihi… Thn dpn ader lg sorg akn keluar…

Bila tgk baby byk2 ni, rasa cam nak tambah jer…. and this time nak boy pulak… InsyaAllah thn depan… OK x?

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Kereta Satria ku disondol org dr belakang… Pg td on the way nak gi kerja baru lps isi minyak dekat Petronas Subang Bestari. Nak keluar simpang dr RRI tu, I stop because there was a lorry coming. Bila nak gerak keluar jer… BEDEGUM!!! keta saga dr belakang menyondol bontot keretaku. Huhuhu…. dah kena hantar workshop… nasib baik dia ngaku bersalah n willing to pay for the repair… Esok kenalah guna Cefiro ku itu…

bonet x leh bukak...

bonet x leh bukak...




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A new blog?

Feeling like a starter…. to a new blog… basically I’ve been an on-and-off blogger before. My first blog is friendster blog. Hum…. ages ago…. I want to start anew. I want to express my thoughts and feelings in the only way I’m best at. Writing… I like to write. Even during my schooltime, I loved writing. My friends, We & Farah would always read what I wrote. From poems, articles, bria-a-brac or just some boring stuff.

Poems will always be my favourite. But now I can’t even find time to write one. Yet I’d surely like reading them anywhere anytime.

I hope I will be a constant blogger. Writing can be predictless. Once you have ideas but not time and once you have time but not ideas. That’s life!

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